Preparedness: Lighting

Duracell headlamp #1600008

A headlamp can be your best friend when the chips are down and the lights are out in the field or at home.

I found this little jewel at COSTCO in Sequim, next to the Duracell Batteries, and sporting the Duracell brand. It uses 3 “AAA” batteries, either the standard alkaline or NiMH rechargables. It has 4 beam settings: (1.) dual spot/flood beam (500 lumens/2 hrs), (2.) low spot beam (50 lumens / 12 hrs), (3.) high flood beam, and (4.) night vision red beam.

What sets this headlamp apart from others is the quality of the high flood beam. To test it, I turned out the lights in my ham shack and sat in the normal operating position. The intensity was appropriate and comfortable, illuminating my entire field of vision. Due to the beam’s even distribution, I could look around, down at the desk or up at the clocks with the same ease as if the studio was fully illuminated. There was no need to consciously direct the beam. It would be easy to forget that I was using a headlamp–the light distribution was that good.

Though the light can be found on Costco’s website, it is only available through their warehouse stores. At under 20 bucks for 3 headlamps including batteries, this stocking stuffer could be a useful addition to any ham’s go kit.

73 everyone, Roger, KL7HI

(Link to Costco website:

October 2 Meeting & Presentation: Introduction to WebSDR

October Powerpoint
Click image to download PDF file

Regular Meeting Wed, Oct 2:

I guess we have all felt the cooler temperatures and some falling leaves. That means it is time for the club to have its annual election of officers. The slate needs to be announced at the October meeting and the election in November. If you want to run for any position, especially as a Director, let me or any Board member know before Tuesday at noon.

Our holiday potluck will be at the December meeting. We should be able to have both member donated and club funded door prizes.

I hope to do a program with a live demo of WebSDR if the internet link is working. I have some Power Point slides also. Since you only need a web browser, maybe someone has a hotspot I could use.

As always, if you have a show and tell, show up and tell everyone about it.

73, Dick Illman


VECOM/DART Exercise at Jefferson County Airport

Jefferson County Airport Food Flight required coordination of several volunteer groups and agencies. See the food flight in action…

HamWAN for Jefferson County

John KX7JM adjusts position of the radio atop the Cape George Fire Station. Our link is near Victoria BC about 40 miles distant.

Hello all,

We successfully set up a 5.9 GHz HamWAN node at the Cape George Fire Station! Thanks to all who helped set things up. Dick, Chris, Randy, Ken, Gretchen and Roger all helped to assemble the dish, radio/modem, and roof mount for the node, and fabricate and run the exterior grade Cat5 cable that powers the radio and brings the ethernet signal down into the radio room. Continue reading

Back to Basics

After several years as a successful Field Day Chair, Jack West W7LD tries a less stressful, low-key approach…

Jack is operating an MFJ Cub QRP rig to a vertical antenna mounted on a footpeg on his Harley.

Rhody Run Reminders

As a reminder, we will meet at the Safeway/Haines Park and Ride Lot at
9am to sign in and get your vest.

You should be at your Mile Post by 1030. We hope to have Race Central
up by 1000.

Hopefully Roger from MP1 can pick up the vests after the sweep vehicle
moves through the course.

73, Dick Illman

Download: 2019 Rhody Run Assignments

Baofeng Channel Lineup V-13

Version 13 of the standard Baofeng channel lineup for Jefferson County volunteers is now available on the “VHF Radio Channels” page under the “Resources” tab.  The full listing is now visible on the page, and a link to the MS Excel file can be downloaded to import into your programming software.

Note that the UV5R file cannot be stored on this website, so just send us a message via the “Contact Us” page if you cannot import the MS Excel file.

May Membership Meeting 5/1/19

This month, Jerry Fry will introduce a suggestion for another club project, a 150 watt dummy load.

Also, Roger Maynard will give a presentation on APRS and what it can do for you. Come learn about this fast-growing digital mode that is available to any radio amateur with a VHF radio and a computer. We will introduce the basics of using the website,

Cape George Ham Radio Station Saturday Morning Activities

What goes up must come down–unless it’s a wire antenna you bravely erected in thick forest last year. In this case, getting the old antenna out of tangled branches was much harder than erecting the new one…

Cape George Fire Station Radio Room will be open this Saturday, March 16th for club operators from 0800 hours through noon. Lead operator will be Jerry Fry W7PT, and his focus for the day will be a class on installing coaxial cable connectors.

If you need to assemble some cables and connectors, bring ’em in for expert advice and assemble them under the expert eye of Jerry. We may have some spare cable and fittings–perfect for assembling a few jumper cables for your home station.

The HF station is working and will be on the air for the morning nets; other equipment in the station needs set up and testing, so there should be plenty to keep a few folks busy. (Yep…a bad jumper cable delayed getting on the air last week…lesson learned!)

If you want to use the station for some other ham activity while you’re there (a few contacts maybe?) Just ask Jerry…